Monday, June 8, 2015

NEXT STOP EVERYWHERE 025: "Spare Parts" is Up!

"How did they start?!  Just a few hip replacements and breast implants?!  Vanity's a killer, isn't it?!  And where will it end?!  Sleek, heartless scavengers cobbled up from space junk and other bodies?!  But you'll look ever so stylish!"
"This age of natural development is insufficient.  We have taken charge of our own evolution."
"Excellent!  Abolish doctors!  Someone call a mechanic!"
-- The Fifth Doctor and the Cyberplanner, Doctor Who: "Spare Parts"

My good friend and co-host Jesse Jackson and I back with another episode of Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast! And this time, we review the acclaimed Big Finish Productions Doctor Who audio adventure, "Spare Parts"!

Exploring this Fifth Doctor and Nyssa story featuring the genesis of the Cybermen, Jesse and I discuss things like Jesse at Comicpalooza 2015, the importance of listening to Big Finish audios without having your MP3 player on shuffle, the inspiration for the David Tennant episodes "Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel," Jesse's new take on Peter Davison, free range companions, fun with black market body parts, geeking out on the idea of the Cybermen's origin, Steven Moffat possibly swiping the idea of Cybermen coming out of graveyards, Matty the Cybermat, trying to change history to prevent Adric's death, getting the Cyberplanner drunk, our Reverse the Polarity segment, Jesse's conversation with Dan "Strax" Starkey, trying to bring Jesse over to The Fandom Zone Podcast, and more!

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Be sure to come back in two weeks for our review of the 1965 Doctor Who non-canon feature film Dr. Who and the Daleks starring Peter Cushing as "Dr. Who," and look for more of Next Stop Everywhere on iTunes, Libsyn, Stitcher and the Southgate Media Group website!

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