Thursday, June 11, 2015

THE FLASH Season 2 Gives Barry His Own Felicity Smoak

Well, if you can't have Felicity Smoak around full time, just make another one.

TVLine reported yesterday that the second season of the hit CW series The Flash will feature a new recurring role of Wendy, a new "spunky, fun and funny" love interest for Barry Allen who will be introduced in episode two.

According to the article, Wendy is "a cop for the Central City PD, Wendy is described as bright and scientific-minded — more specifically, 'Think ‘Felicity Smoak’ from Arrow,' the casting call reads."

Flash fans probably realize that "Wendy" is likely a casting call alias for DC Comics character Patty Spivot.  Created in 1977 by Cary Bates and Irv Novick, Patty first appeared in DC Special Series #1 as Barry Allen's lab assistant at the Central City Police Department who was almost doused in experimental chemicals as lightning once again struck the police labs in a similar accident that gave Barry his super-speed powers.  Barry rushed Patty to safety before the lightning could strike her, imagining a sequence of events that would lead to Patty becoming a superhero called Ms. Flash, and destroying Central City as a result of explosive side effects from her speed.

A later version of Patty harbored romantic feelings towards Barry, but knew of Barry's obsession with his mother's unsolved case, and so decided to keep her distance until Barry was ready to move on with his life.  When Barry became more open, though, he fell in love with Iris West, who would later become his wife, while Barry and Patty remained just friends. She eventually stole the gear of Hot Pursuit, a powerless version of Barry Allen from the future, and became the new Hot Pursuit.  Escaping from a group of cops in her Cosmic Motorcycle, Patty's futuristic bike detected a timestorm and initiated an emergency chronal-evac, transporting her to the year 3011 where she encountered Kid Flash (Bart Allen) and was soon killed by Brainiac.

The current New 52 version of Patty was involved in a relationship with Barry Allen and eventually found out that he is The Flash.  

The Flash will return to The CW for Season 2 sometime in October.

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