Thursday, June 25, 2015

NEXT STOP EVERYWHERE 026: "Dr. Who and the Daleks" is Up!

"Young man, do you know what you have just done? You have transferred us in time and space and I haven’t even set the controls.  Now I don’t know where we are!"
-- Dr. Who to Ian Chesterton, Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965)

My good friend and co-host Jesse Jackson and I finally back with another episode of Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast!  And this time, we review the um...interesting Peter Cushing Doctor Who movie, Dr. Who and the Daleks!

Exploring this first-ever Doctor Who movie from 1965, Jesse and I discuss things like my Doctor Who birthday gift, sending our positive thoughts to Sir John Hurt for his battle with cancer, Jesse's dread of discussing the movie, the two non-canon Peter Cushing movies, Dalekmania, Roy Castle's horrible take on Ian Chesterton, Peter Cushing's fumbling movie Doctor, Susan as a young girl instead of a teenager, why the original TV episode "The Daleks" is superior, The Time Tunnel, all kinds of differences from the television series, Susan calling Ian out as a coward, Susan being the only competent one in the group, slow-moving elevators, teaching pacifists how to fight, Jesse's hatred of bad movies, my love of bad movies, our Reverse the Polarity segmentand more!

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Be sure to come back in two weeks for our review of the William Hartnell classic The Dalek Invasion of Earth, and look for more of Next Stop Everywhere on iTunes, Libsyn, Stitcher and the Southgate Media Group website!

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