Friday, December 3, 2010

Mr. Fantastic Confirmed as First Superhero DOCTOR WHO Fan

So there I was, reading my copy of Daredevil #512 that arrived in stores this week, when I noticed this interesting little advertisement that Marvel included showing Tony Stark, a.k.a. the invincible Iron Man, listing various gifts he's giving to his fellow Marvel superheroes for Non-Specific Holiday this year.

Although only four Marvel superheroes actually rate high to enough on Tony's list to get Non-Specific Holiday gifts this time out, I thought it was very interesting that Tony is buying the Doctor Who Series Five DVD set for Mr. Fantastic.  If you make the natural jump in logic, this means that Mr. Fantastic is a Whovian.

I mean, think about it -- If Mr. Fantastic wasn't a Whovian, why would Tony buy Series Five for Reed Richards instead of starting him off with Series One?  Reed must already have Series One through Four (and the Specials, presumably), although we have no way of knowing if he was a fan of the original series from 1963-89 or the 1996 TV movie.

Also, you have to wonder if Tony is a Doctor Who fan as well.  It's possible Tony and Reed have a mutual love of the series considering it promotes what The Late, Late Show host Craig Ferguson so eloquently and succinctly phrased "The triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism."  However, it's also equally possible that Tony simply knows that Reed wanted Series Five for a Non-Specific Holiday present this year.  Still, for two characters who are established tech geeks, it seems rather ridiculous that Tony would settle for getting him Doctor Who Series Five on standard (not to mention cheaper) DVD instead of the higher-resolution Blu-Ray format.  Of course, in the current comics, Tony is struggling to rebuild his financial empire with his new Stark Resilient company, so he may have some disposable income issues at the moment.

Some other interesting things from this list -- The Hulk must have some series body odor to deserve masculine fragrances and since Wolverine isn't allowed to smoke cigars anymore, it seems he became a gamer at some point.  FYI though, I really wouldn't sit too close to him whenever he gets very aggressive with the control pads.  SNIKT!


  1. And it was established during Mark Millar's run on FANTASTIC FOUR that Valeria is a Whovian. She thought the TARDIS was neat, so she built a trailer for the fantasticar that is bigger on the inside. Reed scolded her for watching the show, calling it "scary". Guess she won him over.

  2. Thanks for helping my faulty memory, Liam. I can't believe I forgot all about that!

    Maybe Reed and Val watch DOCTOR WHO together as father/daughter bonding time...or to inspire their next project.

  3. Certainlt my daughter and I watch Doctor Who together...

    ...she's not quite 4 and loves it!

  4. Your daughter has obviously inherited your excellent taste, Carl. Good for both of you!

  5. Want a fun fact? Well you see, Reed Richards was once asked to explain how some of his rooms were bigger on the inside. So he said that he had a "Doctor friend".