Friday, December 3, 2010

CW Adds RAVEN to List of Potential SMALLVILLE Replacements

Another day, another DC Comics concept reported to be in development as a replacement for the CW network's long-running series Smallville, which is ending in May 2011.

According to an article posted on Variety, the CW is developing a series based on New Teen Titans founding member Raven, created in 1980 by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez.  As fans of the series know, Raven, a.k.a. Rachel Roth, is the daughter of the interdimensional demon Trigon and her human mother Angela Roth, more well known as Arella.  She has various empathic abilities as well as teleporation and the ability to manifest an astral-projected "Soul-Self."  Oh, and thanks to her paternal lineage, she also has the tendency to become evil every so often whenever the Titans books need to be shaken up a little.  One of these various "Dark Raven" episodes resulted in the character's death, but she was later resurrected in the body of a teenager so that she could be included in the current incarnation of the Teen Titans.

This potential new Raven series is being developed by Diego Gutierrez, who previously served as a co-executive producer and writer on ABC's V remake and was an assistant to Joss Whedon on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.  Currently, the project only has a script order and no casting or pilot episode information is available.

Raven joins a growing list of rumored potential replacements for Smallville, including a Wonder Woman series developed by David E. Kelley that hasn't yet found a network, a Blue Beetle series that had test footage shown at this year's San Diego Comic On, a new Batman TV series to air after Christopher Nolan's final Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, and even a series based on Neil Gaiman's classic series Sandman.  Obviously, there's no reason to think that this production will progress any further than any of the others, but it does seem like the CW has a number of options in play.

Meanwhile, my long-desired Firestorm the Nuclear Man series remains nothing more than wishful thinking on my part.  Hey CW, give me a call or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter, okay?

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