Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Revenge of the Cybermats in DOCTOR WHO Series Six

Filming for what is believed to be Episode Twelve of Doctor Who Series Six took place yesterday at the House of Fraser department store in Cardiff, Wales, revealing the return of one of Doctor Who's classic creatures, the Cybermats.  Not seen in a televised episode of Doctor Who since "Revenge of the Cybermen" in 1975, the Cybermats were used by the Cybermen for purposes such as sabotage and spreading a plague virus.

In the photo above by "Timeboyy" as part of a Flickr photo album taken during the location filming, Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith is shown looking at a Cybermat prop, which has understandably received a significant redesign since their last appearance.  The photo album also includes pictures of actor James Corden reprising his role of Craig Owens from last year's episode "The Lodger."

Interestingly, the Doctor appears to be wearing a dark green military-type coat similar to what he wore in his ninth incarnation instead of his traditional tweed jacket.  Also, Craig is shown as having a baby with him, presumably protecting it from the Cybermen for whatever reason.  With such disparate story elements, it certainly seems the first part of the Series Six finale has the potential to rival "The Pandorica Opens" in terms of layered storytelling.

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