Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ferguson's LATE, LATE SHOW Goes to Gallifrey 22

CBS' The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson is becoming mandatory viewing for Doctor Who fans.

First, the late-night talk show had "Doctor Who Night" with current Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, then Team Ferguson followed that with an appearance by Professor River Song, played by Alex Kingston.  So what better place to go next than Gallifrey 22 in Los Angeles, one of the largest Doctor Who fan conventions.

In a segment titled "Who's Who??" that aired on last night's episode, frequest Late, Late Show guest and fellow Whovian Chris Hardwick and Craig Ferguson's assistant Bridger went to Gallifrey 22 and recorded some footage from the convention hallways.  Dressed as the Tenth Doctor, Hardwick introduced non-fan Bridger to the weird and wonderful world of Doctor Who, briefly meeting convention director Shaun Lyon along with others dressed as a Weeping Angel, Amy Pond starting to transform into a Weeping Angel, a couple more Amy Ponds wearing the sexy policewoman uniform from "The Eleventh Hour," a vampire bride from "The Vampires of Venice," the Eleventh Doctor, a baby Eleventh Doctor, and the aged Tenth Doctor from "Last of the Time Lords" who was introduced as Larry King.

And of course, there was a short encounter with a Dalek, giving Hardwick the opportunity to recite the classic line used by multiple Doctors, "When I say 'Run,' run!"  The segment ended with Bridger, now fully embracing Doctor Who fandom with an Eleventh Doctor fez and a Fourth Doctor scarf, emerging from the TARDIS along with several costumed convention attendees as shown above.

And thanks to Flydalenorth, the woman above who was dressed as a nicely obscure "Bubble Wrap Zoe" from "The Five Doctors," here's the actual segment for your enjoyment...

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