Friday, March 18, 2011

DOCTOR WHO Series Six Prequel Coming "Soon"

Is it just me or does the long-awaited return of Doctor Who in "The Impossible Astronaut" in just over a month seem like an eternity away?

Well, it seems the kind folks at the BBC's official Doctor Who website are doing something about that.  According to an article posted earlier today, there will be a prequel to the opening two-part story of Series Six "very soon."  Written by Doctor Who showrunner and "The Impossible Astronaut" scribe Steven Moffat, the prequel will star Stuart Milligan and introduce us to the world that the Doctor, Amy and Rory encounter next in a "scary and mysterious" sequence while supposedly teasing the story's monster.

The article goes on to mention that this is the first of three prequels made by the Doctor Who production team that will premiere on the website over the duration of Series Six.

Looks like Silence is about to fall...

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