Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amy Adams Satisfies "Craving" for Another Superman Cast Role

In just ten years, actress Amy Adams has gone from a "Freak of the Week" to the woman who becomes Superman's wife, Lois Lane.  Nice upgrade.

The Los Angeles Times reported today that Adams has landed the role of Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel  film by director Zack Snyder.  Beating out other rumored actresses such as Kristen Stewart, Olivia WIlde, Rachel McAdams and Mila Kunis, Adams joins Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent, Diane Lane as Martha Kent and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent in the reboot project scheduled for release in December 2012.  Adams has been previously nominated for three Academy Awards as a supporting actress in the films The Fighter (2010), Doubt (2008) and Junebug (2005).

Oh, and...um...she was also a fat-sucking vampire on the TV series Smallville in the first season episode "Craving" that originally aired in 2001.

In the episode, Adams played Jodi Melville, an overweight Smallville High student obsessed with becoming thin.  After downing a diet drink composed of liquified vegetables grown from soil mixed with radioactive Kryptonite meteor rocks, Jodi undergoes a dramatic loss of weight and becomes thin.

Of course, since these were the early "Freak of the Week" years of Smallville where someone would gain a different set of abilities from something irradiated with Kryptonite and go on an inevitable rampage just about every single week, Jodi soon runs into a bit of a problem.  It turns out her new thinner body now requires a constant consumption of fat -- lots of it.  She uncontrollably binges, devouring all sorts of food from her kitchen and then wisely decides to go driving in the pouring rain at night while scarfing down hamburgers and milkshakes.

In a total Smallville drinking game clich√©, she predictably ends up in a car accident as a deer steps out into the middle of the road.  The deer is struck and as Jodi gets out of the car to check on it, her stomach rumbles ominously.  Then, in the big money shot, her mouth extends ridiculously out of proportion and she proceeds to consume the deer right there in the middle of the road.

From there, it's an expected downward slide for Jodi as she sucks the fat out of a fellow high-schooler that regularly torments her about her weight, leaving him in a coma.  Then her Stomach From Hell almost causes her to snack on her crush, Pete Ross, but Clark Kent shows up (in the nick of time, of course) and sends her hiding in her greenhouse.  Naturally, Clark follows and ends up in trouble because the greenhouse is full of Kryptonite.  Jodi bashes Clark over the head with a shovel, but is repulsed by her own reflection and goes into rock star hotel trashing mode on the greenhouse.  She smashes a gas line and some lights, causing the necessary sparkage, and the greenhouse goes boom.  Clark does his hero thing and protects Jodi from the explosion, then makes sure she gets sent to Metropolis General Hospital.

"Craving" was Amy Adams' only appearance as Jodi Melville, so we have no idea what happened to the character afterwards.  Either Jodi's body ended up consuming itself or she's in a lab somewhere or she's hanging out behind a McDonald's waiting for a human-sized Happy Meal.  I don't suppose there's still time to work her into the Smallville finale scheduled for May, is there...?


  1. "I don't suppose there's still time to work her into the Smallville finale scheduled for May, is there...?" I sure hope not ;)
    I love SV and Amy but this ep was creepy, lame and ridiculous. I've aways wondered what the writers had taken to come up with this FOTW idea :P It's ironic how the actress who played the worst FOTW in SV is now the new Lois Lane!
    Anyway funny article!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the article, Anonymous.

    You're right, "Craving" wasn't exactly one of Smallville's finest episodes, but I think it would be fun if someone briefly mentioned Jodi's name somewhere in the final episode. Maybe we could find out that Jodi went on to become an Academy Award-nominated actress... :)