Friday, March 18, 2011

First Official Image of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

The DC Comics Source blog debuted the first official picture of actress Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman for the pilot for a proposed NBC television series based on the DC Comics character.
As you can see, Palicki's costume appears to be mostly based on Wonder Woman's current costume that was designed by artist Jim Lee and drawn above by regular artist Don Kramer.  The jacket is thankfully gone, but the leggings appear to be a much lighter blue (presumably to resemble the traditional costume more closely).  Instead of going for traditional red boots, however, the designers have opted for blue to match the leggings.
Personally, I'm okay with the design considering it could have been much, much worse.  At least the '90s-style jacket of the Lee design is gone and there are no weaving gold shoulder straps.  Sadly, the costume is already getting some early negative reaction, mostly from people who presumably aren't reading the current Wonder Woman comics and are probably expecting an exact replica of the Lynda Carter costume.


  1. Charles - I like it. It's a nice blend of new and old styles.

  2. I think the colours could do with being toned down a little - the trousers could certainly be a less garish shade - but other than that, not bad!

  3. One thing I noticed after zooming in is the star-spangled trim running along the side of her leggings, which is a definite improvement over Jim Lee's version. I agree with Abby that the leggings could be a darker shade of blue, but perhaps they'll look better without such bright lighting.