Friday, June 17, 2016

ARROW Casts Josh Segarra as The Vigilante

Vigilantes.  Vigilantes EVERYWHERE...

Deadline reported yesterday that the CW series Arrow has cast Josh Segarra in the role of Adrian Chase, better known to DC Comics fans as The Vigilante.  According to the article, Segarra will be new series regular for Season 5 and the character is described as "Star City’s new district attorney and an ally of Mayor Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who aims to clean up the streets through the legal system."

Chase is the second new vigilante character to be added to the show for Season 5, after Rick Gonzalez as Wild Dog.

Segarra, 30, is probably best known as Billy Cepeda on the USA comedy Sirens.  He's appeared in the films Trainwreck and Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet, and on the TV series Chicago P.D., Blue Bloods, The Following, Homeland, and The Electric Company.

Created in 1983 by Marv Wolfman and George P√©rez, Adrian Chase first appeared in New Teen Titans (vol.1) Annual #2 as a Manhattan District Attorney who worked tirelessly within the system to dismantle the city's Mafia infrastructure.  He frequently worked with the city's resident superhero team, the New Teen Titans, but when Chase's wife Doris, son Adam, and daughter Drew were killed by a bomb planted by the Scarapelli mob family, Chase sought his own justice as the Vigilante.  

He underwent an extremely vigorous training program taught by a number of mystical spirits seeking revenge, and came back to the city perfectly synchronized between mind and body. As the Vigilante, he dispensed justice harshly, and although he inspired many heroes to attempt to make tougher choices, his career was also riddled with many defeats.  Eventually Chase abandoned his identity as Vigilante, believing that he could be both more effective and also happier as a judge.  However, during his absence the identity of Vigilante was assumed, in succession, by two of his friends without his knowledge.

The first of these was fellow judge Alan Welles, who operated in a much more violent manner, even executing petty thieves.  Chase eventually tracked down and killed this incarnation of Vigilante, without realizing it was his friend.  The incident led to increased guilt on Chase's part and also increased scrutiny from a law enforcement task force headed by Harry Stein, as he attempted to cover up Alan Welles' role as Vigilante.

Dave Winston, Adrian Chase's bailiff, soon assumed the Vigilante identity.  Refusing to kill, Winston traded on the fierce reputation of Vigilante to intimidate information out of thugs. He was murdered by Peacemaker while attempting to stop the hijacking of a plane which Chase was on.  In the wake of Winston's death, Chase once again assumed the role of Vigilante, feeling that it was the only way to protect those he loved.  Seeking revenge on Peacemaker, the out of shape Chase was beaten in a fight and unmasked on live TV, thereby ending his secret identity and forcing him even further into the role of the Vigilante.

As the series progressed Chase became ever more conflicted over his role as Vigilante, the violence he engaged in, and the harm he caused to those around him.  He also became increasingly mentally unstable—alternating between bouts of enraged violence, paranoia, and terrible remorse for his actions.  Near the end, he even resorted to murdering innocent police officers who got in his way.  His mounting guilt culminated in the final issue of his series (#50) where, after contemplating the course of his life, Chase committed suicide.

Arrow will return to The CW for Season 5 on October 5, 2016.

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