Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chris Pine in Talks for Steve Trevor in WONDER WOMAN

Wonder Woman may have a love interest.

Variety reports that Chris Pine is in talks to play classic DC Comics character Steve Trevor in the upcoming film Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot as the Amazing Amazon and directed by Patty Jenkins.

Pine, 34, is best known as the modern Captain James T. Kirk from the films Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness.  He's also starred in the films Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Into the Woods, Horrible Bosses 2, This Means War, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, and Carriers.

Previous rumors claimed that Scott Eastwood had landed the part, but Variety claims that Eastwood was "given a choice to test for the Trevor role or sign on for a guaranteed supporting part in Suicide Squad, which he opted to take."

The article also claims that Warner Brothers tested other actors, but decided to look at more high-profile names and go with a straight offer.  Pine won over production executives and Gadot at his meeting, which made the studio pursue him for the role.

Created in 1941 by Wonder Woman creators William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter, Steve Trevor first appeared All-Star Comics (vol.1) #8 as an intelligence officer in the United States Army during World War II whose plane crashed on Paradise Island, the isolated homeland of the Amazons.  Trevor was nursed back to health by the Amazon princess Diana, who fell in love with him and followed him when he returned to the outside world. Diana became the superhero Wonder Woman and disguised herself as Trevor's coworker, Diana Prince.

In the current DC Comics continuity, Trevor became the U.S. government's liaison to Wonder Woman during her stay in Washington, D.C. and later became the head of A.R.G.U.S. (Advanced Research Group for Uniting Superhumans), as well as the United Nations' liaison to the Justice League.  Promoted to the rank of Colonel, Trevor was assigned an assistant named Etta Candy and had expressed his attraction to Wonder Woman, although his feelings weren't reciprocated.

Pine would be the fourth actor to portray Steve Trevor in live action, after Kaz Garas in the 1974 Wonder Woman TV Movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby, Lyle Waggoner in the 1975-79 Wonder Woman television series starring Lynda Carter, and Justin Bruening in the failed 2011 Wonder Woman television pilot starring Adrianne Palicki.

The character has also appeared in various animated projects, including Justice League (voiced by Patrick Duffy), Batman: The Brave and the Bold (voiced by Sean Donnelan), the 2009 Wonder Woman direct-to-DVD film (voiced by Nathan Fillion), Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (voiced by James Patrick Stuart), and Justice League: War and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (voiced by George Newbern).

Wonder Woman is currently slated to arrive in theaters sometime in 2017.

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