Sunday, August 12, 2012

The ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Letter: Unedited Writer's Cut

As some of you know, I recently had a letter of comment published in Entertainment Weekly #1220, cover dated August 17, 2012, in response to the issue shown here that gave a long-awaited cover feature to Doctor Who.

Pretty cool, right?  Well, as nifty as it was to see my fan ramblings printed in a widely-circulated entertainment magazine, what you saw wasn't the full letter I sent in.  Even though the letter was already pretty short, it was edited down even further, presumably just for space requirements, so no hard feelings or declared jihads in retaliation, I promise.

Since my letter was unleashed upon the masses, however, my longtime friend Jesse Jackson (No, not that Jesse Jackson, this is the important one) was curious and asked me I would send him the full, unexpurgated, unedited, more rambling version.  So for anyone else who might be equally curious, here's the letter in full with the final printed lines bolded in yellow for the sake of comparison:

Just wanted to pass along my thanks for finally -- finally -- putting [a] Doctor Who on the cover[!] and for the excellent article, "The Doctor is In," by Clark Collis. As a diehard Whovian for almost thirty years, it's been a bit [I find it] surreal to see the quirky British science fiction TV series I used to watch every Saturday afternoon on PBS die and be reborn into mainstream pop culture.

After SyFy's incompetent handling of the 2005 series' first two seasons here in the United States, I was relieved that BBC America took over and properly introduced the world's longest-running science fiction series to America. As The Late, Late Show's Craig Ferguson so eloquently phrased [put] it, Doctor Who is all about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism. What other TV show is better than [can top] that?

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