Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mid-Ohio-Con Hits the Big 3-0 on November 6th!

The 30th anniversary of Mid-Ohio-Con in Columbus, Ohio is just over a month away now, so I thought I'd pass along their most recent guest list.  I've been going to Mid-Ohio-Con since the John Byrne relaunch of the Superman books was announced way back in November of 1985, so needless to say, this convention has meant a lot to me over the years.

As you can see, the list of creators is looking pretty impressive so far, so if you're interested in going, check out the link above for more information and tickets. 

Guests of Honor

David Finch                  Adam Hughes

Featured Guests

Andy Bennett               Josef Rubinstein
Art Baltazar                  Joshua Warner
Arvell Jones                  Kevin Cannon
Barry Kitson                 Khoi Pham
Beau Smith                  Kurt Busiek
Billy Tan                       Lora Innes
Billy Tucci                    Marc Sumerak
Bob Ingersoll                Mark Evanier
Brett Pinson                 Mark Texiera
Brian Pulido                 Matt Wagner
Bryan J.L. Glass          Michael Golden
Chris Giarrusso            Renee Witterstaetter
Chris Sprouse              Scott Simmons
Chris Yambar              Sean Forney
Craig Rousseau           Sean McKeever
David Aikins                Sergio Aragon├ęs
David Mack                 Steve Scott
David Petersen            Thom Zahler
Ethan Van Sciver         Todd Dezago
Gary Kwapisz              Todd Nauck
George Broderick, Jr.   Tony Isabella
Herb Trimpe                 Tony Moore
Jamie Snell                  Uko Smith

Recent Updates
Michael Berryman, Lou Ferrigno, Joe Benitez

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