Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hi, My Name is Charles (Hi, Charles) and I Have an Addiction to Television

Okay, the new fall TV season officially began when Survivor started up again this past Wednesday and I'm already realizing how screwed I'm going to be.  Check this TV schedule (Yes, I made a schedule) out and you'll see that I have a serious problem...

9/19 -- Boardwalk Empire
9/20 -- House, The Event, Hawaii Five-O
9/22 -- Hell's Kitchen
9/23 -- Fringe
9/24 -- Smallville
9/26 -- The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, American Dad
9/28 -- No Ordinary Family
10/1 -- Human Target
10/5 -- Caprica
10/6 -- South Park
10/24 -- Sherlock
10/31 -- The Walking Dead
11/8 -- Conan

I know, right?  And this is on top of Survivor, The Venture Bros., The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, which are already airing.  Not to mention Cleveland Browns and Ohio State Buckeyes football games.  Oh, and my wife Lori and I also burning through episodes of The Sopranos as fast as Time Warner Cable can post them onto their HBO On Demand channel.

I think I need to go read a book or something, just to embrace my denial a bit longer...


  1. Sorry my friend but this is childs play compared to my schedule. I have to use an excel spreadsheet to track what shows I'm DVR'ing since I can only tape two shows at one time. On certain nights I have to use the DVR in the bedroom as overflow. I watch way too much TV and my waistline shows it!

  2. Well, knowing that someone else has an even bigger TV addiction problem does make me feel a little better...