Monday, December 8, 2014

Mark Hamill Reprising The Trickster on THE FLASH

Somewhere in Hollywood, Joyce Hyser is waiting patiently with her cell phone in the hopes of reprising Megan Lockhart.

Hitfix reports that in another nod to the original 1990-91 television series, the CW series The Flash will feature the return of Mark Hamill in his role of James Jesse, better known to DC Comics fans as The Trickster.  The character will appear in the 17th episode of the show's first season.

According to a character description provided in the article, "Mark Hamill returns in a brand new interpretation of James Jesse (aka The Trickster), a role he originated on the 90's 'Flash' series.  In this new iteration, The Trickster is an anarchist terrorist con man serving a life sentence in Iron Heights who helps Barry (Grant Gustin) and Det. West (Jesse L. Martin) to foil the city-wide attacks of a wannabe Trickster eagerly following in the original's deadly footsteps.  The episode will reunite him with John Wesley Shipp who went up against him as the original 'Flash' on the CBS version."

Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said, "Having Mark reprise his role as The Trickster was on our original wish list when we were planning our version of The Flash.  Christmas and Chanukah came early for us this year when he said yes!  We are beyond humbled and excited to have him joining us for another round of deadly trickery!"

Hamill will be the third actor from the 1990-91 series to appear in the new version, after John Wesley Shipp, who now plays Barry Allen's father Henry, and Amanda Pays, who will be reprising her role as Dr. Tina McGee.  He previous appeared in the episodes "The Trickster" and the series finale "Trial of the Trickster."  In addition, Hamill reprised the role on the animated series Justice League Unlimited for the episode "Flash and Substance."

Created in 1960 by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, The Trickster first appeared in The Flash (vol.1) #113 as James Jesse, a circus acrobat who decided to become a criminal like his reversed name, Jesse James.  He invented shoes that would allow him to walk on air and various gag gadgets that he used in his crimes and soon became a member of the Rogues.  He eventually reformed for a time, paving the way for a new Trickster, Axel Walker, who currently serves as the New 52 version of the character.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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