Friday, September 14, 2012

DC Comics Announces ARROW Digital Comic Series

Green Arrow fans looking forward to the new CW TV series Arrow will have something to help fill the time between episodes.

Comic Book Resources has revealed that DC Comics is debuting a new Arrow tie-in digital comic series on October 10th, the same day the Arrow TV pilot premieres on the CW.  The digital comics will be written by showrunners Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg, with art for the first issue by definitive Green Arrow artist Mike Grell, followed on later issues by Sergio Sandoval and Jorge Jimenez.  In a release format similar to DC's Smallville Season 11 digital series, each online chapter will be $0.99 and later collected in traditional print versions for $3.99 an issue starting on November 28th.

The Arrow digital comic will expand upon the TV episodes, filling in the backstory limited by the weekly TV format, and also preview upcoming episodes.  "We have a real and exciting opportunity to tie in, fill in and -- and this is our favorite -- tease upcoming moments in the series," said Guggenheim.  "If you read the digital comics, you'll be getting stories that not only tie in with the television narrative, but also preview it."

Guggenheim gave kudos to his editor to his selection of artists on the series.  "All the credit goes to Alex Antone for pulling together a remarkably talented roster of artists," he said.  "They're all bringing their own thing to the comic and their styles are all unique, yet visceral enough to sell the kinetic, action-oriented series we're trying to produce on television.  And we'd be remiss if we didn't make a special shout-out to Mike Grell.  First, it's a privilege to be working with an industry legend.  But more importantly, Mike's grounded take on Green Arrow in the seminal Longbow Hunters series was a touchstone for us as we were developing the television series."

Other DC Comics characters will be appearing in the digital series, just as they will on the TV show.  "China White (from Green Arrow: Year One) makes an appearance in Chapter 3," said Guggenheim, adding that the character Detective Hilton from his own Green Arrow run will also appear on the show.  "We'd love to add more guest stars in future chapters, but our approach to using other comic characters in the digital comic is the same as it is with the show itself -- We start with the story first and then cast about to see if there's a DC character that would be appropriate.  We never want the guest star horse to drag the storytelling cart.  Story is paramount."

As for what the first digital issue will involve, Guggenheim remarked, "The first chapter is especially exciting and not just because Mike Grell drew it.  We took a moment directly from the second episode, then flashforward throughout the story to key moments from future episodes.  So the first chapter is a great way to get a little preview of what we have up our sleeves on the show.  For my part as a writer, I don't think doing a comic tie-in is worthwhile unless it relates to the story being told in the movie or television series.  That's just my philosophy.  I think if you don't make the tie-in a literal one, then you're just wasting a great and exciting opportunity."

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