Saturday, March 24, 2012

First DOCTOR WHO Series Seven Trailer Debuts

Okay, the blurry bootleg trailer has been replaced with someting far more official.

At the Official Doctor Who Convention in Cardiff, Wales, the first trailer for Series Seven was shown to those lucky, lucky convention goers.  Most of the footage appears to be from the upcoming western episode that began filming two weeks ago.

The Doctor facing down a a cyborg gunslinger, the Doctor's mandatory call to "Run!", explosions, Mark Williams as Rory's dad, River Song, screaming, the Doctor aiming a gun (!), "You've been clearly taking stupid lessons since I last saw you," Ben Browder as a sheriff, "Anyone who isn't an American, drop your gun!", "Anachronistic electricity, keep out signs, aggressive stares...Has someone been peeking at my Christmas list?", "Give me a Dalek any day," a Dalek eyestalk popping out from the snow?

Sigh...Spring and summer are going to be just interminable, aren't they?

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