Saturday, April 30, 2016

THE FLASH Movie Loses Director, AQUAMAN Director Next?

And the Batman v Superman fallout continues.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed late yesterday that Seth Grahame-Smith has left The Flash movie adaptation from Warner Bros., citing the classic "creative differences" excuse.

Grahame-Smith, author and screenwriter of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, was going to make his directorial debut on the film set in the DC Extended Universe.  The project will keep Grahame-Smith’s script, which he wrote working from a treatment by The Lego Movie's Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

Controversial choice Ezra Miller is still slated to star as Barry Allen, following his brief appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the upcoming Justice League Part One, to be released on November 17, 2017.

According to Birth. Movies. Death, Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder and DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns were "taken aback at critical and audience reaction to Batman v Superman" and "WB execs have found themselves at odds with Snyder over his vision for Justice League and the DC movieverse going forward."

The site also claims "Justice League was scheduled to start shooting mere days after BvS was released, which meant WB couldn't take any definitive action -- like removing Snyder or delaying the movie to make changes -- without poisoning the box office for BvS.  The result? Lots of fights between Snyder and the WB execs, and lots of pressure from Burbank on Snyder, who is shooting in London."

In addition, the site states "According to multiple, reliable sources James Wan is feeling a tremendous amount of trepidation about Aquaman," with Wan "trying to decide if he needs that hassle."

In the meantime, Warner Bros. still has time to find a replacement director for The Flash, which isn't scheduled to arrive in theaters until March 16, 2018.

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