Tuesday, October 6, 2015

NEXT STOP EVERYWHERE 039: "Under the Lake" is Up!

"So, who's in charge now?  I need to know who to ignore."
-- The Twelfth Doctor, Doctor Who: "Under the Lake"

Back on track once again, my good friend and co-host Jesse Jackson have returned with another episode of Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast!

This time, Jesse and I discuss things like Toby Whithouse as the new Steven Moffat, Clara being reeled in for being an adrenaline junkie, Jesse's unexpected phone call, finally getting a deaf character on Doctor Who, the Doctor as an anti-authority figure, the Doctor's index cards to put pudding brains at ease, the Doctor being brusque and tetchy, ghosts never being ghosts on Doctor Who, reading the fine print when becoming a companion, the controversial Sonic Shades, the new Doctor Who spinoff Class, The Big Announcements we didn't get, Coal Hill School, my Reverse the Polarity segmentand more!

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Be sure to come back next week for our review of the fourth Series Nine episode "Before the Flood," and look for more of Next Stop Everywhere on iTunes, Libsyn, Soundcloud, Sticher, and the official Southgate Media Group website!

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