Monday, April 13, 2015

New ANT-MAN Trailer Goes Full-Size

After over a decade of development and a number of teasers, we finally have our first good look at Marvel Studios' upcoming film Ant-Man, based on the Marvel Comics superhero. The two and a half-minute full trailer shows a good deal of sci-fi superhero action, as well as a number of humorous moments that are pretty much mandatory when you have a superhero calling himself Ant-Man in the 21st Century.

The trailer opens with Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) giving a presentation at Pym Technologies of potential military uses for Dr. Hank Pym's shrinking technology.  "Imagine a soldier the size of an insect..." he begins as we see Ant-Man growing into view, "...the ultimate secret weapon."

Meanwhile, Hank (Michael Douglas) has concerns about such uses, remarking "If you give godlike powers to everyone, it's gonna be chaos."

"So how do we stop him?" asks Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), the daughter of Pym and Janet Van Dyne.  

"I know a guy..."

We cut to a scene of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) in the middle of a prison fight as Pym speaks to him across a table.  "Scott, I've been watching you for a while...You're different...and I believe everyone deserves a shot at redemption.  Do you?"

"Absolutely," replies Scott.  "My days of breaking to places and stealing stuff are over.  What do you want me to do?"

"I want you break into a place and steal some stuff."

"Makes sense."

Hope teaches Scott about the Ant-Man suit's various abilities.  "Now, this suit has power," she says as we see a group of ants spinning a penny.  "You have to learn how to control it.  And these are your greatest allies..."

"You're kinda cute," remarks Ant-Man as he examines a baby ant.  Unfortunately, the protective mother or father isn't happy, sending Ant-Man into a swarm of ants inside an ant-hill.

"When you're small, you have superhuman strength..." continues Hope as we see Ant-Man growing and taking out some Pym Technologies guards, "...be like a bullet...so, you'll need to know how to punch."  Scott scoffs at Hope, daring her to show him how to punch his extended hand, only to have her punch him square in the face.  "That's how you punch," she smiles.

Of course, Cross is quickly revealed as the film's villain.  "You tried to hide your suit from me," he says to Hank, "and now, it's gonna blow up in your face and destroy everyone you care about."

Cross dons a yellow-and-black-armored suit with stinger-like artificial limbs extending from his back, taking on the supervillain identity of Yellowjacket.  Footage of Ant-Man fighting Yellowjacket at various sizes follows, with Yellowjacket yelling, "Did you think you could stop the future?! You're just a thing!"

"No, I'm Ant-Man," replies Scott, shrugging at the name.  "I know, it wasn't my idea."

Finally, we see the two fighting across a child's toy train set, featuring Thomas the Tank Engine.

If you'd like to check out the trailer, you can view it below thanks to Marvel Enterainment's official YouTube channel...

Ant-Man arrives in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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