Sunday, May 11, 2014

First Trailer for NBC's CONSTANTINE Debuts

Bollocks?  Not hardly.

Days after being picked up as a series for NBC, the first three-minute trailer for Constantine was officially unveiled earlier today on YouTube.

We open on the Ravenscar Psychiatric Facility for the Mentally Deranged, where we see that everyone's favorite occult detective, John Constantine (Matt Ryan), receiving electroshock therapy before meeting with the man in charge of Ravenscar.  "Before you checked yourself in here," says the unnamed man, "you were working as an exorcist and master of the dark arts?"

"That says master, does it?" replies Constantine.  "I should really change that to petty dabbler.  I hate to put on airs."

Before long, of course, Constantine comes across an apparently-possessed young woman inside a large room at Ravenscar, but tries to convince himself that it's not his problem.  As soon as he notices a disturbing swarm of insects crawling the walls behind him, however, all is he do is sigh and utter "Bollocks" before turning back to help.

We then meet Lucy Griffiths' character Liv Parsons, who experiences a strange upheaval of parking lot pavement before Constantine comes to her rescue in the back of a New York City cab.  "I knew your father," Constantine tells Liv.  "I promised him I'd look after you.  If you don't listen to me, you'll be dead by morning."

Next, we're introduced to Manny (Harold Perrineau), an angel assigned to watch over Constantine.  "You damned a girl to Hell -- along with her, your soul," Manny remarks as we see images of the young girl Astra being drawn into Hell by a demon.  "There's a lot of panic down here.  People can sense what's on the way."

"What's on the way?" asks Constantine, but Manny merely smiles and says "We should go" before flying off.

Meanwhile, Liv goes to her mother's house to ask when her father died, but her mother tells her that she's "not prepared to have this conversation."  All at once however, Liv looks up at her nana, horrified to see her eyes pitch black and her mouth oozing a sickening black liquid.

Now officially freaked out, Liv drives off and runs into Constantine again, demanding to know what's happening to her.  "You're waking up," he tells her.  "You're seeing the world for what is really is."

Constantine draws Liv close by the hands, allowing her to see what he sees -- "Souls...trapped, searching for a way out.  Now that you can see these things, they can see you...and they don't like to be seen."

The next person we see is Perrineau's former Lost co-star Jeremy Davies, who warns of "Things crawling out of the shadows on a scale we've never seen before."

Back to Constantine, who asks someone (Manny, presumably?) "You suggesting that it's not too late for me to save my soul?"

We get a glimpse of Charles Halford's character Chas inside his cab, just before it's violently rammed by a truck.

Explosions, breaking glass and supernatural goodness follows, as we see Constantine and Liv using an arcane symbol to send some sort of demon back to Hell or the nearest convenient parallel dimension.

Lastly, we go back to Ravenscar, where Constantine is leaving the scene of the demonic possession.  As we notice the entire large room has been trashed, Constantine merely shrugs at the damage and walks past a group of onlookers, remarking "She did it..."

If you'd like to view the trailer, you can check it out below thanks to NBC's official YouTube channel...

Constantine will air sometime this fall on NBC, Friday nights at 10 p.m. EST.

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