Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Audio Adventure Announced

While Whovians around the world continue to wonder if Steven Moffat has a big multi-Doctor story planned for the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary special this November, Big Finish already has us covered.

The production company announced today that there will be a special audio adventure release in November titled Doctor Who: The Light at the End.  The 100-minute story will celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary with actors Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann reprising their respective roles of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Doctors.  Of course, each Doctor needs a companion, so Louise Jameson, Sarah Sutton, Nicola Bryant, Sophie Aldred and India Fisher will also reprise their respective roles of Leela, Nyssa, Peri Brown, Ace and Charley Pollard.

"We wanted to do a proper, fully-fledged multi-Doctor story for this very special occasion," said writer, director and executive producer Nicholas Briggs, "and it’s wonderful that all the surviving Doctors threw themselves behind the project so enthusiastically.  That’s not to say the first three Doctors don’t appear – We wanted to pay homage to the whole history of the classic series."

"And that’s not all,” said producer David Richardson, "because Geoffrey Beevers is back to create mayhem as the Master, and there will be a number of appearances from some much-cherished old friends from the TV series…"

Here's the official plot synopsis for The Light at the End:

November 23rd 1963 proves to be a significant day in the lives of all eight Doctors…

It's the day that Bob Dovie's life is ripped apart…

It's also a day that sets in motion a catastrophic chain of events which forces the first eight incarnations of the Doctor to fight for their very existence. As a mysterious, insidious chaos unfolds within the TARDIS, the barriers of time break apart…

From suburban England through war-torn alien landscapes and into a deadly, artificial dimension, all these Doctors and their companions must struggle against the power of an unfathomable, alien technology.

From the very beginning, it is clear that the Master is somehow involved. By the end, for the Doctors, there may only be darkness.

Doctor Who: The Light at the End will be released in two different versions.  A five-disc limited special edition includes two hour-long documentaries, plus The Revenants, a Companion Chronicles story performed by William Russell as Ian Chesterton.  The special edition comes in a special packaging and includes exclusive professionally photographed images of the cast.  The standard edition has the first two discs, featuring the two hour-long episodes of the story.

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