Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Karen Gillan Returns to Ferguson's LATE, LATE SHOW

CBS' The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson just can't quit Doctor Who...or is it the other way around?

Currently visiting California for the Doctor Who panel at last weekend's San Diego Comic Con, actress Karen Gillan made her second appearance on The Late, Late Show last night under the pretense of promoting the Doctor Who Series Six Part One DVD release.  A clip from the upcoming episode "The God Complex" was shown, showing the same "Don't talk to the clown" footage that debuted at the Comic Con panel.  When asked about attending Comic Con, Gillan remarked that she "didn't expect the scale of it."

And once again, Craig's miniature TARDIS replica that he keeps on his desk found its way into the interview.  When Gillan started listing from side to side from laughter during the conversation, Ferguson began playfully mocking her actions and then brought in the TARDIS replica to simulate the image of the TARDIS being buffeted by the time vortex or what have you.  Gillan, apparently forgetting about her previous encounter with the TARDIS replica, oohed with interest as Ferguson joked about it being "bigger on the inside."

The actress also mentioned that she's staying in Los Angeles for a brief time, expressing an interest in surfing (although she claimed to be scared of ocean waves) and trying out the recent fad of hydro-powered jet packs.  Also, the subject of the porn name game came up. where you take the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on to create your fake porn star name.  When asked, Gillan said that her porn star name would be "Fuzzy Springfield Gardens."

When given the show's traditional choice of ending the segment by either depicting an awkward pause or playing a mouth organ, Gillan opted to let Ferguson choose, which resulted in a grateful (or perhaps somewhat opportunistic?) hug.  Gillan once again showed her comedic skill giving a slightly awkward pause, followed by a brief random set of notes on the harmonica.

The delayed return of Matt Smith to The Late, Late Show that was originally planned for Monday, July 25th is now currently scheduled to air on Friday, July 29th, while poor Arthur Darvill sits at home and twiddles his thumbs...

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