Saturday, July 9, 2011

DC Universe Animated Movie Dream Projects

As a fan of the various DC Universe animated movies, I'm looking forward to the upcoming release of Batman: Year One and the reported upcoming projects Justice League: Doom (supposedly based on the "Tower of Babel" storyline in the JLA series) and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (based on the mini-series by Frank Miller).  Yeah, the current rotation of Batman, Superman and Justice League projects can feel a bit limited at times, even if something like Green Lantern: Emerald Knights manages to sneak in if there's a big-budget movie to justify an animated tie-in.

So I started thinking about some of the DC animated movies I want to see happen, the ones that could broaden the potential for these releases or simply be the kind of dream projects fans hope for but never expect to actually see.  Here's a sample of my own wish list...

The Crisis on Infinite Earths Trilogy -- Yeah, this is the Big One.  Break the 12-issue maxi-series by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez up into three animated movies covering four issues each and treat it like the animated DC Universe version of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films.  One installment per year for three years, making it a huge event fans will look forward to for the holidays.
The Flash: Terminal Velocity -- I've been a bit annoyed that Green Lantern has now had two animated movies while The Flash remains conveniently ignored.  After looking through my various trade paperbacks, though, I have to think that Mark Waid, Salvador Larrocca and Carlos Pacheco's definitive Wally West epic would look great animated and give The Flash some of the mainstream exposure he hasn't had since the single season CBS TV series starring John Wesley Shipp back in 1990.
The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract -- As some of you already know, this one came this close to being made after Justice League: The New Frontier, but was put on hold and then quietly shelved in favor of Superman and Batman projects.  Regardless, the story of Terra's betrayal remains one of the finest to come out of 1980s comics and as a diehard Teen Titans fan, it's one that I really want to see someday.

Blackest Night -- Yeah, this was a big 8-issue event mini-series by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis with a lot of spinoff minis, but if you focus on the central event and treat it as more of a DCU story instead of a glorified Green Lantern story, I think it would work well enough.  Or...if that Green Lantern movie sequel actually does happen, you have your tie-in release to go along with it.

Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga -- I know, more '80s material...but how can you not include this one?  Even after the Legion's two-season animated series and their appearances on Smallville, I'm still waiting for the proper Legion of Super-Heroes to arrive on television.  One condition, though...You have to bring back Michael Ironside as the voice of Darkseid.  No one else will do.

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