Thursday, February 3, 2011

THE COLBERT REPORT Wags Finger at British Superman

I know Stephen Colbert is pretty much Team Marvel when it comes to comic books, so it's no surprise to see this kind of rant on a DC character.

In his latest "Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger" segment featured on last night's episode of The Colbert Report, Colbert wagged said finger at Zack Snyder, director of the upcoming Superman film from Warner Bros., for casting British actor Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent.  "Superman is American," remarked Colbert.  "His name is Super Man, not Smashing Gent."

From there, the commentary quickly resembled something found recently on message board postings against the idea of a British Superman.  "And let's remember," said Colbert, "his spaceship crash-landed in Smallville, Kansas, not Uppington-Upon-Tweed-Wee-Chestershire.  For God's sake, the man gets his power from the sun.  How can he be British?  They don't have a sun."

Other remarks included comments about Superman flying up to rooftops to inspect chimneys, using his X-Ray Vision to examine what's in a Shepherd's Pie, and flying on the the right side of the road.  Colbert's most cutting remarks came at the end when he advised British people to claim Batman supporting character Alfred Pennyworth if they wanted a superhero of their own.  Said Colbert, "He's got a British accent and he does everything the rich American tells him to.  That's something you can relate to."  This was accompanied by a picture of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair with former President George W. Bush.

The full commentary can be found at the Colbert Nation site here.


  1. I saw the segment. HILARIOUS -- and I totally agree with Colbert!

  2. I say, though I do believe the gent can act - a fine quality in an actor, to be sure... I must wonder why we can't find a hunky steel-eyed superman here in our large country?

    Of course, this recalls the uproar that ensued after Scarlett O'Hara was chosen not from our own lovely home grown Southern belles but an English woman named Vivien Leigh, virtually unknown in America.

    Is this worth getting our crumpets in a crumble or our corn dogs in a doggle? (ok, that didn't work) I dunno...proof is in the plum pudding errrr the screening I would imagine..besides, Henry Cavill is HAWT!

  3. ps. I totally quoted you again on my blog - really you must expect these things to happen when you write so amusing & damn well!

  4. Gwyneth, thank you very much for the blog love and for deeming me worthy of quoting. I really appreciate the kind remarks about my nonsensical ramblings and will do my best to keep you equally amused in the future.

    Personally, I don't get the uproar about a British actor playing Superman/Clark Kent as long as he can do a convincing American accent. Having seen Henry Cavill on THE TUDORS and in a few films, I think he's an excellent choice for the role. It seems, though, that people are more okay with the idea of a British Batman and Spider-Man than they are a British Superman. At least there wasn't a British Captain America...

  5. Why complain where he comes from. If he's a good actor (which he is) does it matter ifor he comes from Great Britain or your nation?

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    1. It seems you don't quite grasp the concept of satire. When this aired five years ago, Colbert was just making fun of British actors playing American superheroes.

      And I'm reasonably certain he's already toilet trained.