Thursday, July 19, 2018

DOCTOR WHO Debuts New Series 11 Trailer at SDCC 2018

If the Thirteenth Doctor asks really, really nicely, would you be her new best friend?

During the Doctor Who panel inside Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, incoming Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker was joined by Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair), Mandip Gill (Yasmin Khan), incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall, and executive producer Matt Strevens to engage Whovians and debut a new trailer for Doctor Who Series Eleven.

The 50-second trailer opens with the Thirteenth Doctor abruptly waking up with heavy breathing as her voiceover says "All of this is new to me...new faces...new worlds...new times..."

We see fleeting images of new companions Ryan, Yaz and Graham (Bradley Walsh), followed by what appears to be wreckage of a spacecraft on an alien world.  The Doctor and her companions are shown climbing a sand-covered hill and running through a set of empty army barracks in the 1950s.

"...so if I asked really, really nicely," continues the Doctor, "would you be my new best friends?"  We see the Doctor clutching her head in agony, followed by the four time-travelers standing in what appears to be a 1950s motel parking lot.

We then glimpse the Doctor, shortly after her regeneration, wearing goggles and using some form of two-pronged blowtorch.  This is followed by Ryan and another person using flashlights/torches, the Doctor looking through a mail slot, people riding on horseback, the Doctor and her companions admiring a seascape on a world with three suns, Ryan being blinded by car headlights, the Doctor using her new Sonic Screwdriver, the Doctor running from some sparking hatch doors, and the Doctor with some other people looking shocked at something they saw at night.

Lastly, we get a brief scene of the Doctor, shortly after her regeneration, wearing some form of industrial apron and drawing some plastic sheeting closed.  "Right?" she says with a grin.  "This is gonna be fun!"

If you'd like to view the new trailer, you can check it out below thanks to the official Doctor Who account on YouTube...

Doctor Who is expected to return to BBC America for Series 11 sometime this fall.

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