Monday, February 12, 2018

PREACHER Casts Betty Buckley as Gran'ma, Others for Season 3

Angelville just got a lot more crowded.

Deadline is reporting that the AMC series Preacher, based on the DC Comics/VERTIGO series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, has cast four new additions for the show's upcoming third season.

According to the article, Betty Buckley (pictured at the top above) will play Gran'ma, who is described as "a spiritist with true powers, who can cast spells and even bring back the dead (for a price)."  

First appearing in Preacher #4, Gran'ma, whose real name is Marie L'Angelle, was the wheelchair-using grandmother of Jesse Custer.  She was a cold-blooded and wretched woman, a Christian fanatic who would do anything to make sure she got what she wanted, such as threatening the death of John Custer should he ever try to leave Angelville.  She punished family members by sealing them inside a weighted down coffin with an air tube put in the bottom of the swamp, without food or water, to stir and crawl within their own urine and feces for up to a month.  She wanted Jesse to become a minister, and often punished him with the coffin.  She later sent Jody and T.C. to find Jesse after he escaped, and later made a pact with God to kill Tulip O'Hare to assert control over Jesse, though God brought Tulip back from the dead, which led to her killing T.C. and setting the house on fire.  Marie was finally killed when the flames hit her oxygen tank and her corpse was blown out of the house, sending her straight to Hell for her sins against Jesse.

Colin Cunningham will play T.C., who is described as "a man born of the bayou and the loyal caretaker and soldier for Gran’ma."  First appearing in Preacher #8, T.C. was one of Ms. L'Angelle's "law" enforcers.  His primary interest was having sex with practically any creature or inanimate object (including the cake presented to Jesse for his tenth birthday) he could find.  Even going as far as necrophelia, as he did with Tulip after she was killed.  T.C. was very violent, willing to kill anyone he was ordered to or anyone who got in his way or annoyed him.  Though he was nowhere near as skilled as Jody in combat, he was still extremely dangerous, especially when paired with Jody.  When Jesse exacted his revenge at Angelville on all of its inhabitants, T.C., much to his horror, was killed by a newly resurrected Tulip, realizing in his final moments that, despite his belief that he would be saved, he was going to Hell instead.

Jeremy Childs is Jody, described as "the enforcer for Gran’ma and the only man Jesse’s never beaten in a fight."  First appearing in Preacher #8, Jody was Marie L'Angelle's most trusted enforcer, often paired with T.C. for missions.  Jesse called him "the leading expert on fucking people over before they can fuck him".  Massively muscled, he could send a man flying with one punch, and he had an incredible tolerance for pain and injury, being able to take a nailed plank of wood to the face without wincing, and able to remain foul-mouthed while on fire. Jody believed that he did Jesse the favor of toughening Jesse up with his pattern of abuse, calling him a crybaby directly after shooting Jesse's father, nailing Jesse's beloved dog to the farmyard fence, and weighting down Jesse's "coffin" with his best friend. Jesse finally killed Jody during a fistfight on the L'Angelle ranch, in which it appeared that Jesse broke his spine.  Jody appeared to care for Jesse, fixing the bones which he broke while toughening Jesse up, although he seemed to resent the fact that Marie cared more for Jesse than she did for him.

Liz McGeever is playing Christina, described as "Capable and efficient, Christina has a face that lures customers in for her family business.  Christina hides it well, but she hates her job and has dreams and aspirations outside of her current life – but suffers to protect her child."  First appearing in Preacher #8, Christina Custer was Jesse Custer's mother.  She met John Custer, a Marine recently returned from Vietnam, as an anti-war protester.  She spat in his face, but later apologized, leading to a relationship.  They were forced to marry by Christina's mother, Marie L'Angelle, and told never to leave under the threat of death.  During an attempt to escape, John was shot to death by Jody.  She later protested the punishment of Jesse, which led to Marie ordering Jody to shoot her.  She managed to escape, though her skull was cracked open by a reflexive shot and she loset her left arm to an alligator.  She was rescued by hunters, though she was brain damaged, which left her in a persistent vegetative state for many years.  She later recovered, though she had amnesia and believed her name was "Jodie".  She made her way back to Salvation, recovered her memories slowly, and eventually remembered everything after Jesse said the word "Mom".

Preacher is expected to return to AMC for Season 3 sometime around June 2018.

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