Tuesday, June 20, 2017

GHOSTWOOD 009: "The Return, Part 6" is Up!

"Fuck Gene Kelly, you motherfucker!"
-- Albert Rosenfield, Twin Peaks: "The Return, Part 6"

It is happening again...My co-host with the most Xan Sprouse and I are back once again with a new episode of Ghostwood: The Twin Peaks Podcast!  This time, we review "The Return, Part 6", the sixth episode of the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks!


In our ninth episode, Xan and I discuss things like characters not liking Dougie, Cooper interacting with Sonny Jim, needing a Dougie prequel called Fire Walk with Dougie, Dougie and Janey-E's garmonbozia decor preference, quirky actor Jeremy Davies, Janey-E impressing the loan sharks, the return of that traffic stoplight, Mike the one-armed man being fed up with waiting for Cooper to get his act together, the Twin Peaks Savings & Loan bank manager getting forced retirement, the long-awaited introduction of Laura Dern as Diane Evans (!!!), Richard Horne meeting up with Red, Red being more than he seems, returning to the intersection from Fire Walk with Me, Richard Horne becoming the Biggest Douche in the Universe, the return of Harry Dean Stanton as Carl Rodd, that familiar utility pole from Fire Walk with Me, Ike "The Spike" Stadtler, Deputy Chief Hawk finding the missing pages to Laura Palmer's diary, the return of Heidi the giggling German waitress, our show download numbers for May 2017, "The Return" giving us something new instead of just a nostalgia tripand more!

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Be sure to come back next week as Xan and I review "The Return, Part 7", the next episode of the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks!  Look for more of Ghostwood: The Twin Peaks Podcast on iTunes, YouTube, Libsyn, and the official Southgate Media Group website!

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