Monday, December 5, 2016

New LEGION Trailer Reveals FX Premiere Date

At last, we know when Marvel's mutants invade cable TV.

FX has released a new trailer for Legion, the upcoming drama series by Noah Hawley based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.  In the new one-minute trailer "Evolve", we finally learn the show's premiere date and get a better grasp of what else threatens David Haller (Dan Stevens) apart from his dissociative identity disorder.

The trailer opens with David in a mental hospital, being given pills and wheeled around when not locked inside a room.  A voiceover from Melanie (Jean Smart) says to him, "David, your whole life, people have told you were sick.  I'll show you that it was really just a lie."

"The human race," continues Melanie as we see a glimpse of Amy (Katie Aselton), David's older sister, "is beginning to evolve.  The divisions were created by our government to track and study people like you, and the ones they can't control, they kill."

We see armed men in body armor searching through a forest, presumably for David, followed by a scene of David with a young woman named Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller). "They're looking for us," remarks Syd, not revealing anything more.

Next, we cut to a scene with David, Melanie and another man seated at a table with some form of handles for each person.  "I could help you rewrite the story of your life," says Melanie in a voiceover as we see fleeting images of David's childhood.  David, visibly upset, backs away from the table.

As David asks if what he is seeing is real, we see David lying on the floor with Lenny Busker (Aubrey Plaza), David's friend.  We see her again, now sitting on top of a small oven and asking David, "All good in the head now?"

Finally, we see David being examined inside an MRI machine as scientist Cary Loudermilk (Bill Irwin) tells him, "You have an extremely large amygdala."

Inside the MRI machine, David considers this for a moment and replies, "Thank you."

If you'd like to check out the trailer, you can view it below thanks to the official FX Networks account on YouTube...

Legion premieres Wednesday, February 8, 2017 on FX.

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