Wednesday, September 30, 2015

POWERS Casts Michael Madsen as SuperShock

Was this as good for you as it was for me?

Comic Book Resources has word that the Sony PlayStation Network series Powers has cast Michael Madsen as the mysterious superhero known as SuperShock.

SuperShock is described in the article as "a perfect physical specimen with an unparalleled presence that catapulted him to global fame.  After retiring at the height of his career under mysterious circumstances and disappearing from public view, he emerges for the first time in forty years after the death of Retro Girl."

Madsen, 57, is best known as Vic Vega (Mr. Blonde) in Reservoir Dogs and as Budd in Kill Bill Vols.1 & 2, all films by director Quentin Tarantino.  His other more notable films include WarGames, Wyatt Earp, Species, Donnie Brasco, Die Another Day, Sin City, and the upcoming Tarantino film The Hateful Eight.  Madsen has also appeared in the television series Quantum Leap, CSI: Miami, 24, Axe Cop, the current Hawaii Five-O, and voiced the Green Lantern known as Kilowog for the animated direct-to-home video movie Green Lantern: First Flight.

"Super-Shock is the most powerful superhero in the Powers universe," said co-creator Brian Michael Bendis.  "With him comes a whole new set of problems and achievements.  With Retro Girl's death, Super-Shock comes out of wherever he's been and we'll discover a lot about the Powers universe through him and Walker and Deena's relationship.

"This is the biggest superhero in the world," Bendis added.  "Superheroes were named after him.  He never took an advertisement dollar, he never was in product placement.  He kept it pure for decades and decades."

Created in 2002 by Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, Super-Shock first appeared in Powers (vol.1) #24 and was featured in the storyline "The Sellouts" as one of the older Powers that wandered the Earth for millennia before revealing himself to the world as a superhero.

For years, he was a member of a popular superteam known as Unity that was active in the 1980s, but after time, he started to lose contact with reality and went on a destructive killing spree before being stopped by Ultrabright, his previous colleague and paramour.  As a result of his actions, all Powers are declared illegal by the United States government.

Powers is expected to return to the PlayStation Network for Season 2 sometime in 2016.

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