Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SUPERGIRL Casts Chris Browning as Reactron

The Girl of Steel is starting to build her rogues gallery.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the upcoming CBS series Supergirl has cast Chris Browning as Ben Krull, better known to DC Comics fans as the supervillain Reactron.  The character's first appearance will be in the series' third episode, with the potential to recur.

Described in the article as "a deadly adversary of Superman’s from Metropolis, who wears an armored suit powered by nuclear energy," Reactron will "venture to National City to get revenge on Superman by trying to kill Supergirl."

Best known as Gogo on Sons of Anarchy, Browning is a character actor who has appeared in a number of film and television roles, including 3:10 to Yuma (2007), Terminator Salvation, The Book of Eli, Cowboys & Aliens, Ray Donovan, Castle, The 100, Bones, The Bridge and Cold Case.

Created in 1983 by Paul Kupperberg and Carmine Infantino, Reactron first appeared in Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #8 as Ben Krullen, a sergeant serving in the US Army during the Vietnam War, alongside future Doom Patrol member Joshua Clay (Tempest). When Krullen massacred the inhabitants of a Vietnamese village, the shock triggered the activation of Clay's mutant powers.  Clay seemingly destroyed Krullen with his energy blasts, then went AWOL.  Instead of being killed, Krullen was transformed into a being capable of generating radioactive energy and concussive blasts.  Calling himself Reactron, the Living Reactor, he surfaced years later and attacked the Doom Patrol, then later fought Supergirl.

The character was reinvented in 1988 as Benjamin Martin Krull, with much of his original continuity intact except that instead of Supergirl, Reactron fought Power Girl.  He resurfaced as a member of the Suicide Squad, but was once again seemingly destroyed when Deadshot shot holes in his containment suit, causing him to go critical.  He later appeared in the Superman storyline "New Krypton" where he was recruited by General Sam Lane as part of his Project 7734.  Reactron was equipped with a heart made of gold kryptonite and partnered with Metallo (who has a heart of green kryptonite).  Reactron and Metallo attacked the city of New Krypton, where Reactron murdered Zor-El, Supergirl's father.

Supergirl premieres on CBS on Monday, Oct. 26 at 8:30 p.m. EST.

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