Monday, July 20, 2015

BATMAN: BAD BLOOD Animated Movie Cast Announced

Gotham City is about to add two new crimefighters.

TV Insider has revealed the principal voice cast for Batman: Bad Blood, the latest DC Comics animated movie, which continues the Batman storyline that began in Son of Batman and continued in Batman vs. Robin.

Yvonne Strahovski, from The Astronaut Wives Club, Chuck and Dexter, will play Katherine Kane, better known to DC Comics fans as Batwoman.  In addition, Gaius Charles, from Friday Night Lights and Aquarius, will voice Luke Fox a.k.a. Batwing.  Bad Blood also features Ernie Hudson as Lucius Fox, a longtime associate of Bruce Wayne, and Luke's father.

Jason O’Mara, the former Terra Nova and Life on Mars (U.S.) star returns as the voice as Batman. Stuart Allan, who appeared on the television series Bad Teacher, and Sean Maher, who was a regular on Firefly and played Shrapnel on CW’s Arrow, are returning as Robin/Damian and Nightwing, respectively.  Morena Baccarin also returns as Robin's mother, Talia al Ghul.

Created in 2006 by Greg Rucka and Ken Lashley, the current version of Batwoman first appeared in 52 #7 as Kate Kane, whose mother was executed during a kidnapping and her twin sister Beth presumed killed.  Attending the United States Military Academy like her father, Kate was forced to leave when she refused to lie about her lesbian relationship with another student.  Inspired by an encounter with Batman during a mugging, Kate underwent an intensive two years of training across the globe and began fighting crime as Batwoman.

Created in 2013 by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Eduardo Pansica, Luke Fox became the second Batwing in Batwing #19, when the first, David Zavimbe, resigned and Lucius Fox designed a new Batwing suit given to Luke by Batman.

Batman: Bad Blood will arrive on Blu-Ray, DVD and On Demand sometime in early 2016.

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