Tuesday, October 7, 2014

NEXT STOP EVERYWHERE: Episode 007 - "Kill the Moon" is Up!

"Tell me what you know, Doctor, or else I'll slap you so hard you'll regenerate."

After my weekend hiatus away the show, Jesse Jackson and I together again with another episode of Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast.

This time out, we give our thoughts on "Kill the Moon," the seventh episode from Doctor Who Series Eight, including things like a creepy story that morphs into something else entirely, the Twelfth Doctor's alien detachment, the return of the Doctor's yo-yo, the Doctor's accuracy of piloting the TARDIS, the wonky science of the moon cracking open and being suddenly replaced, Kevin Smith's Superman movie that mercifully never happened, that horribly awkward abortion debate metaphor, why voting with lights doesn't quite work for the planet Earth, our popular Reverse the Polarity segment, teasing our plans for what happens after Series Eight ends, and more!

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Have fun watching "Mummy on the Orient Express" on BBC America this Saturday, then keep checking iTunes, Stitcher and the Southgate Media Group website for our next Doctor Who review!

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