Wednesday, August 27, 2014

GOTHAM Director Discusses Mr. Freeze, Harvey Dent & The Joker

Sounds like Arkham Asylum could fill up faster than Batman fans think.

Nuke The Fridge shared an exclusive interview with Danny Cannon, the director of the pilot episode for Fox's upcoming Batman prequel GothamIn the interview provided during the Television Critics Association party for Fox, Cannon shared his thoughts on a number of Batman's villains that could be brought into the series, in addition to the younger versions of Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler and Poison Ivy. 

Cannon also remarked that he has no current plans to direct any more episodes, but will remain with the series as a consultant.  Here are some highlights taken from the article:


Nuke the Fridge: You mentioned to me you’d like to see a version of Mr. Freeze on Gotham. Is that something that could happen in the first year?

Danny Cannon: Oh yeah, we all have our favorite villains. That was my favorite villain and I still think the origins of that story are really beautiful and tragic. The technicalities of it are quite beautiful too, so that’s something I keep bugging Bruno (Heller, the series' showrunner) about.

Nuke: Does that require a little more science fiction?

Danny Cannon: Not really. Not really. Depending on how you do it. I just find him a very tragic character.

Nuke: I assume it won’t be a guy in a cryo suit.

Danny Cannon: Well, luckily we’re in a show where we go way, way back for the origins, so perhaps he’s just a man who goes through a tragedy and he doesn’t know how to express his anguish yet, but he’ll find a way.


Nuke: Would Harvey Dent have graduated college yet, let alone running for office? Do you imagine we could see a young Harvey Dent?

Danny Cannon: I would say that would be a good thing to hope for because he’s a fascinating character.

Nuke: He is, but have we ever seen him before he’s DA?

Danny Cannon: I don’t think so. I don’t think we’ve seen a young lawyer, or a young DA or a trainee.

Nuke: Is he Bruce’s age? What would Harvey Dent be able to contribute to Gotham City as a kid?

Danny Cannon: I always assumed that Harvey was older than Batman. I always assumed that Batman was a younger man. I don’t know but it certainly gives us really great problems to have. I always imagined Batman as a young vigilante. I never imagined him as middle aged.

Nuke: So Harvey could be a law student at this point.

Danny Cannon: I would say that was a good guess.


Nuke the Fridge: There have been some theories going around that every episode will introduce a red herring for The Joker. Are you going to take it that far?

Danny Cannon: Absolutely not. No, I think that’s a rumor that got spread very quickly. I think what got said originally was: will The Joker be introduced in the first season. We were like, “We’re uncertain, but a lot of other people will and perhaps one of them will resemble him.” I think that was just a teaser that may have gone too far.

Nuke: But it’s not going to be the comedian from the pilot, right?

Danny Cannon: Probably not, no.

Gotham debuts on Fox on September 22, 2014.

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