Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DOCTOR STRANGE Finds Director, Jared Leto Rumored

At long last, the hosts of Hoggoth are about to get hoary.

While Marvel Studios is scrambling to find a replacement director for Ant-Man, it seems they've managed to bring in a director for their long-awaited film adaptation of Doctor StrangeThe Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that Sinister and The Exorcism of Emily Rose director Scott Derrickson has signed on to helm the big-screen debut of the Sorcerer Supreme.

Derrickson confirmed the news himself on Twitter, with the following post...
Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Doctor Strange debuted in 1963's Strange Tales #110.  Dr. Stephen Strange began as an arrogant and egotistical neurosurgeon that suffers permanent damage to his hands as a result of a car accident.  He searches around the world for a way to repair his hands, ultimately coming across a master sorcerer known as The Ancient One in the Himalayas.  When Strange learns that Baron Mordo, the Ancient One's disciple, intends on killing his master, the Ancient One agrees to teach Strange the mystic arts after Mordo is defeated.

As far as who will play the good doctor, Badass Digest claims that Marvel has (or at least had) their eye on Jared Leto, the 42-year-old actor and frontman for the band 30 Seconds to Mars who recently won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for the film Dallas Buyers Club.  Other names that have been considered include Johnny Depp, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen.  Whoever ends up landing the role, it's expected there will be an announcement at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International along with plans for Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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