Friday, April 11, 2014

BATMAN: STRANGE DAYS Animated Short Released

Bruce Timm, we really missed you.

This past Wednesday, the much-anticipated Batman 75th Anniversary animated short Batman: Strange Days debuted during Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go!  The three-minute short from Warner Bros. Animation celebrating Batman's 75th anniversary was produced by Bruce Timm, most famous for his work on the classic Batman: The Animated Series.

The DC Nation short features Batman, voiced once again by Kevin Conroy, tracking a mysterious giant who has kidnapped a young woman to the lair of Professor Hugo Strange, one of his oldest enemies.  Strange insists that the giant be careful with the young woman, because Strange needs every drop of her blood for his experiment.

We then see Batman, depicted in his original 1939 costume, swooping down from the sky in a vintage Batplane and firing tear gas cannisters at Strange and the giant.  The gas quickly overwhelms them, allowing the young woman to escape.  Switching the Batplane to autopilot mode, Batman leaps out and begins brawling with the giant, surrounded by clouds of mist.

Meanwhile, Strange recovers the young woman, threatening Batman to stay back or he will kill her with a medical scalpel.  Saying nothing, Batman moves forward, causing Strange to step back and fall down a steep cliff.  Batman fires a Batarang cable to save the young woman from falling, but allows Strange to fall (apparently) to his doom.

"Is it...Is it over?" asks the young woman.

"For now," Batman replies in vocal perfection that only Conroy can give.

Another short from Darwyn Cooke, celebrating the animated series Batman Beyond, is expected later this year.  You can view Batman: Strange Days in full below, thanks to the official DC Entertainment account on YouTube...

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