Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DOCTOR WHO's Jenna-Louise Coleman Chats with Craig Ferguson

As if we needed another reminder that Doctor Who continues to move on, actress Jenna-Louise Coleman, who plays enigmatic new companion Clara Oswin Oswald, appeared last night on CBS' The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  This was Coleman's first appearance on the late night talk show, as part of her week in the United States to promote Doctor Who Series 7B that begins on Saturday, March 30th on BBC America.

Ferguson introduced the segment with a brief clip from the opening episode "The Bells of Saint John," featuring Clara and The Doctor riding a small motorbike across Westminster Bridge in present-day London.  He then remarked to Coleman about how she is in the series as Clara.  "You're the sauciest of all the Doctor's companions, if you don't mind me saying so."  He then added, "And by saucy, I mean, I don't just mean, you know, 'Oooh lovely, look at her, she's saucy.'  I mean, like saucy as in you've got a bit of yeah, a bit more moxie."  "She's not afraid to ask why," replied Coleman.

Ferguson then complimented Coleman on her accent, observing that she was from the north in England.  Coleman confirmed that she was from Blackpool, Lancashire, which Ferguson described as "The Las Vegas of Britain, sort of, a little bit."

He then shifted the conversation back to Doctor Who, but mispronounced the series as Doctor Hugh, which encouraged him to explain as "It's like Doctor Who except it's Hugh Laurie."  Coleman remarked that Hugh Laurie was a doctor as well, so Ferguson followed up with "Well, he played House, so it's like Doctor Hugh.  He doesn't travel through time but he goes to the hospital and back again to his house."

Ferguson then mentioned the small TARDIS replica he keeps on the corner of his desk.  "I didn't just put that there for you," he said to Coleman.  "I'm a big fan of Doctor Who and that one there is bigger on the inside."  When Coleman asked to look inside, Ferguson initially rebuffed her because she wasn't his companion, but soon relented.  "But you need to update it.  See, we have a new TARDIS now," said Coleman, pointing out that the TARDIS interior was recently changed in the Christmas 2012 episode "The Snowmen."  "Well, this one will be fine," Ferguson replied.  "It gets the job done.  Thanks for criticizing my TARDIS, new girl on Doctor Who."

When asked if she watched Doctor Who when she was little, Coleman said that she didn't because it was never on.  Ferguson realized this was during the years between the series being cancelled in 1989 and its eventual return in 2005.  "I was denied that privilege as a child," said Coleman.  Ferguson noted, "So you won't know what to look out for -- Daleks, Cybermen, the statues that when you blink they kind of come at you..."  "I know about them (The Weeping Angels)," replied Coleman.  "Steven (Moffat) has one in his garden."

Ferguson finished the segment up with a traditional awkward pause, which Coleman remarked was one of her biggest fears growing up because awkward silences make her twitch.  "Really?" asked Ferguson ominously.  "Then's let's lean into it a little more, shall we...?"  After more awkward pausing, Coleman slightly whimpered, "I feel so uncomfortable."  Ferguson smiled and replied, "Then you've finally arrived at this show."

If you'd like to catch the full segment, you can view it below thanks to YouTube user lipgallaghers...

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