Friday, April 20, 2012

COMMUNITY's Inspector Spacetime Gets a New Constable

It was bound to happen.  Inspector Spacetime, the Doctor Who parody character that appears every so often on the NBC sitcom Community, finally moved faithful Constable Reginald "Reggie" Wigglesworth aside and made way for a feisty female Constable.

In last night's episode "Virtual Systems Analysis," the study group takes a three-hour lunch, giving Abed Nadir a chance to return to his Holodeck-like Dreamatorium for another Inspector Spacetime adventure.  However, instead of bringing his best friend Troy Barnes along, Abed ends up with Annie Edison as his replacement Constable.

The Dreamatorium adventure begins with actual opening credits to the Inspector Spacetime series, complete with Abed's face as the Inspector filling the screen similar to Doctor Who opening credit sequences from 1967 through 1989.  "I am Inspector Spacetime," Abed begins in a voiceover, "and I know that which is unknown.  Duty-bound to protect a universe of unremarkables, I patrol it in the X-7 Dimensionizer with my loyal Constable Reggie.  This week, however, Reggie has been forced to go to lunch, so I'm aboard the much crappier HMS Spacetime XII, from the worst season ever, with the temporary Constable Geneva."

Annie, wearing an elaborate gown, hands Abed's Inspector a Quantum Spanner.  She attempts to roleplay Constable Geneva, giving her a heavy Cockney accent with phrases like "Oi, Guv'nor!" and "Tut tut, my Lord, wouldn't give a tuppence for that sticky wicket!"  Abed, however, isn't pleased and even corrects her (and many Community fans in the process) on the proper spelling of the Inspector's arch-enemies.  "It's Blorgons with an 'R," he explains.  "Blogon means 'Thank you' in Blorgon." 

Later on, Abed makes another attempt with Annie, suggesting a different Inspector Spacetime character.  "I've been thinking about our Inspector Spacetime scenario," he informs her.  "It might work better instead of playing Geneva, you played Rosamund.  She was a constable in Season Five and she only had three lines."

Abed and Annie eventually come to an understanding with the help of the Dreamatorium, then return to the Observadeck of the HMS Spacetime XII where a new crisis awaits.  "Inspector, set the tachyon drive to hyperjump!" cries Annie/Geneva.  "We just get to the other side of this starfield before the Blorgons intercept!"

"Blorgons?  In this sector?" questions the Inspector.  "Well, this mission has gone pear-shaped indeed.  Prepare the hyperjump on my mark!"

As you might expect, the Inspector and Geneva are then suddenly interrupted.  "Bugger the starfields, Inspector...We're too late!  Blorgons!"

A pair of Blorgons appear on the spaceship, chanting "Eradicate! Eradicate" while firing a wide spray of laser fire at our heroes.  The Inspector and Geneva return fire, but to no effect whatsoever.  "Our quantum blasters are useless against their armor!" remarks the Inspector.  "We're as cooked as Lord Nelson's mutton, we are."

"Not if I can help it," Geneva replies defiantly.  "I'll see you on the other side, Inspector...wherever that is."

"Don't you mean...whenever that is?"

All at once, Geneva bellows a battle cry, rushes directly at the Blorgons and proceeds to start punching one of them.  "Take that, Blorgon scum!  You'll blogon me for this later."

If you'd like to see some clips from the episode, you can check them out below thanks to YouTube user GreendaleSeven...

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