Saturday, January 7, 2012

FRINGE Recaps for Next Week's Return

Still not on board the Fringe goodness train?  Well, here's your chance to get quickly caught up on what you've been missing.

Fox has produced a five-minute recap video narrated by star John Noble, who plays the brilliant and occasionally LSD-affected scientist Dr. Walter Bishop.  The video is part of the "Fringe: Past + Present + Future" series, which summarizes the fourth season's storyline to date, while asking if Peter Bishop will find a way to get back to his own timeline.

The show's fourth season was just getting really interesting when Fox put the ratings-challenged series on an extended holiday break.  The season’s seventh episode "Wallflower" took the show into the break with the cliffhanger revelation that Nina Sharp, head of the megacorporation Massive Dynamic, has been secretly injecting Agent Olivia Dunham with some lovely migraine-inducing drugs.

You can check out the recap video below, followed by a trailer for next week's episode, "Back To Where You've Never Been."

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