Friday, November 4, 2011


The question isn't how old we are, but when old we are!

On last night's episode, "Advanced Gay," the NBC sitcom Community brought back their Doctor Who parody Inspector Spacetime that debuted on the show back in September.  The good Inspector and his companion Constable Reginald Wigglesworth, this time played by Community stars Danny Pudi and Donald Glover, once again faced their arch-enemies the Blogons in another short adventure that aired during the show's closing credits.

"I thought those Blogons had us dead to rights," begins the Inspector as he exits his British red telephone box onto another alien landscape.

Following close behind, Constable Reggie asks, "What on Beta-Earth do they want from us, Inspector?"

"The question isn't what they want from us, Constable...but when?"

"Inspector, look out!  Blogons!"

Once again, the Inspector and Constable Reggie fall under laser assault from the Blogons chanting "Eradicate!  Eradicate!," but this time they return fire with laser weapons of their own.  Not sure the Doctor would approve of that...

Earlier in the episode, the characters Abed Nadir and Troy Barnes refer to another Inspector Spacetime villain called the Anti-Inspector, who was apparently created when the Inspector's positrons were negatized.  According to Troy, the Anti-Inspector "had a funny moustache and was kinda rapey."

If you're interested in checking out the footage from last night's episode, you can view it below thanks to the kindness of YouTube user Raxacoricoo...

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