Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marvel Comics: The New 52

Now that the first month of DC Comics' "New 52" relaunch is complete and with reported sellouts of all 52 titles, I'm guessing Marvel is probably thinking about how they could steal this idea do something similar.  So with that in mind, I came up with my own list about how they could go about their own "New 52," including some potential creative teams.  Yeah, I know, everyone else and their brother has already done the same thing, so why should I be any different, right?

The Marvel 52

1.  The Amazing Spider-Man -- Dan Slott and Marcos Martin
2.  Spider-Woman -- Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna
3.  Venom -- Greg Pak and Humberto Ramos
4.  Captain America -- Ed Brubaker and Gary Frank
5.  Captain America and Bucky -- Marc Andreyko and Chris Samnee
6.  Iron Man -- Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca
7.  Rescue -- Fred Van Lente and Patrick Zircher
8.  Thor -- Brian K. Vaughan and Olivier Coipel
9.  Warriors Three -- Walt Simonson
10.  The Avengers -- Joss Whedon and Phil Jimenez
11.  Avengers West -- Jeff Parker and Terry Dodson
12.  Fantastic Four -- Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen
13.  The Future Foundation -- Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli
14.  The Incredible Hulk -- Peter David and Mike McKone
15.  The Sensational She-Hulk -- Marjorie Liu and Amanda Conner
16.  The Uncanny X-Men -- Brian K. Vaughan and Mike Choi
17.  X-Men: The New Mutants -- Nick Spencer and Leonard Kirk
18.  Wolverine -- Christos Gage and Mike Deodato
19.  Daredevil -- Jason Aaron and Jock
20.  Doctor Strange -- Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera
21.  The Immortal Iron Fist -- Matt Fraction and David Aja
22.  Cage: Hero For Hire -- Brian Bendis and Michael Gaydos
23.  Black Widow -- Greg Rucka and Pia Guerra
24.  Nick Fury, Agent of S.W.O.R.D. -- Kieron Gillen and Jim Cheung
25.  Silver Surfer -- Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting
26.  The Punisher -- Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark
27.  Deadpool -- Fred Van Lente and Chris Bachalo
28.  Cloak and Dagger -- Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev
29.  Excalibur -- Paul Cornell and Mike Perkins
30.  Moon Knight
31.  Hawkeye
32.  Captain Marvel
33.  Ms. Marvel
34.  Valkyrie
35.  Thunderbolts
36.  Ghost Rider
37.  The New Warriors
38.  Hellstorm
39.  Machine Man
40.  Longshot
41.  Jack of Hearts
42.  Morbius: The Living Vampire
43.  The Starjammers
44.  Nighthawk
45.  The Inhumans
46.  The Hellfire Club
47.  Mystique
48.  The Man Called Nova
** Merging with the new Marvel Universe
49.  Justice
50.  Project Spitfire 
51.  D.P. 7
52.  Star Brand

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