Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hitler Rants About DOCTOR WHO: "Let's Kill Hitler"

Yeah, you knew this was inevitable...

The latest episode of Doctor Who, "Let's Kill Hitler," received the Hitler rant treatment shortly after the episode aired on Saturday.  The internet meme of creating humorous English translation subtitles for a scene from the 2004 film Downfall and posting the clips on YouTube has been very popular, so it was no surprise to find a couple of rants from Adolf Hitler about being punched out by Rory Williams/Pond and being locked up in the cupboard.  Turns out the poor guy suffers from cupboardophobia.



  1. Before I could even think of it the Geekosphere supplied what I thought of as I watched this episode! What about Hilter!?? Is he still in that damned cupboard? This is just brilliant...sadly, the episode was jumbled, confusing, & felt rushed. But I have high hopes for Night Terrors!
    The Daring Librarian

  2. I agree that "Let's Kill Hitler" was a bit rushed, but it thankfully comes off better on repeat viewings. I think Steven Moffat wanted to play up the chaotic nature of Melody/River's post-regeneration, but the numerous revelations were just dumped out for viewers to take in instead of allowed to breathe and be appreciated.

    "Night Terrors" was all right, a bit lightweight and more creepy than scary, but otherwise enjoyable. Hope "The Girl Who Waited" brings more game.