Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Omega the DOCTOR WHO Big Bad Behind the Scenes?

Now that Americans have finally had a decent chance to watch the Doctor Who Series Six mid-season finale, "A Good Man Goes to War," I think it's time to start posing this question:  Has Omega been the Big Bad orchestrating things behind the scenes since Series Five?

Okay, let me walk you through my reasoning here.  Considering we have several unanswered questions going back to Series Five, it seems pretty obvious that showrunner Steven Moffat is steadily crafting an overall story arc to the entire Eleventh Doctor era.  As we know from "The Big Bang," Moffat has a penchant for setting strange little tidbits up earlier in a series for payoffs down the road.  So with that in mind, if he can do that across a single season, he's perfectly capable of doing that across three seasons in a ginormous superarc.  Don't believe me?  Well, consider these seemingly unrelated items...

In "The Pandorica Opens," River Song attempted to pilot the TARDIS to Stonehenge, but a mysterious external force took control and sent it to 26/6/2010 instead.  A sinister voice abruptly spoke out, saying "Silence will fall" and trapped River inside the TARDIS, which then exploded throughout the time/space continuum, erasing the universe.  We still don't know who or what was responsible for this, but it would have to be someone (or something) especially powerful to get inside the TARDIS, take control and be willing to erase the universe.  I have to think it's something outside the universe, say in an anti-matter universe like the one Omega ended up trapped in as revealed in the Third Doctor story "The Three Doctors"...?

In "A Good Man Goes to War," we learn that Amy and Rory Pond's daughter Melody has what appears to be Time Lord DNA as a result of being conceived inside the TARDIS during Amy and Rory's wedding night.  Presumably, this unusual DNA is why Madame Kovarian is so interested in Melody and went to such great lengths to flee with the baby at the end of the episode.  The last time Time Lord DNA was so important was in the Fifth Doctor story "Arc of Infinity," in which the Doctor's biodata was used in an attempt to allow -- you guessed it -- Omega to cross over from the anti-matter universe.  And with Gallifrey now destroyed and all other Time Lords dead or missing, Melody's DNA may hold the key to Omega's restoration into the matter universe.

And finally, going back to "The Time of Angels," we are introduced to a group of soldier clerics who are charged with guarding River Song as they track down an escaped Weeping Angel.  The same order of clerics also appear in "A Good Man Goes to War," now working for Madame Kovarian and specifically trained to fight the Doctor.  In both stories, the cleric uniforms are adorned with a curious symbol resembling yes, an Omega.  As shown here, River wears one of their uniforms in "The Time of Angels," so it's possible (although unlikely) that she's working for Omega or perhaps this is Moffat's cheeky way of foreshadowing how interwoven all of this really is.

So at least as far as I'm concerned, it seems increasingly likely that Omega is indeed the one responsible for the Doctor, Amy and Rory's troubles.  We have an excrutiatingly long wait until the end of summer to find out what happens next, but don't be surprised if we don't see actual confirmation of Omega's involvement until the Series Six finale or possibly until Series Seven.  In the meantime, though, Steven Moffat is obviously trying to create something truly epic here, so let's enjoy the mysteries while we can...


  1. I would love if this is at least somewhat true. I am on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next!

  2. Yeah, I'm just speculating here, obviously, but Omega certainly makes sense as the big payoff for all these mysteries. I guess we'll find out eventually...

  3. So now that series 6 has ended, what's your opinion on the second half matching up to your theory?

  4. Well, we still don't have a solid idea of why Melody's timey-wimey DNA was so important and what happened to her in the time between her kidnapping as a baby and her being put into the astronaut suit as a child, but in the Series Six finale, River Song made a point of sitting in her "Time of Angels" uniform with the Omega patch symbol facing the camera. Nothing to contradict my Omega theory yet...