Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Deadpool Fan Film Actor Wounded by Dropped Shotgun

What, do you think only big-budget superhero films have news?  Guess again...

According to a news report last night on ABC 6/FOX 28 News in Columbus, Ohio, Columbus native Sam Vestey was going to play a thug in a fan film web series based on the Marvel Comics character Deadpool.  However, while in the basement of a friend's home to help him plan for filming outside, a real shotgun used in one of the scenes turned out to be loaded and Vestey was accidentally shot in the leg.

Vestey told WSYX/WTTE reporter Maria Durant, "As (my friend) was holding it, it slipped from his hands and when he reached for it, it caught the trigger and it discharged into my leg."  Smooth.

He was rushed to Riverside Hospital and should have function in his leg in about three to four months.  He also wants to continue to act and probably wishes he had Deadpool's power of accelerated healing right about now.

You can find the original news report here at WTTE FOX 28's website.

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