Saturday, March 25, 2017

The League Comes Together in New JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer

Heads up, everyone...Zack Snyder has returned with his filter fetish in play once again.

Warner Bros. Pictures has released a new trailer for Justice League, the upcoming DC Extended Universe movie based on the DC Comics superteam directed by Zack Snyder. The two minute, thirty second trailer shows the various league members coming together...only without the recently-deceased Superman (Henry Cavill).

The trailer opens with Batman/Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) heading north on horseback as he speaks in a voiceover.  "We have to be ready," he begins.  "You, me, the others.  There's an attack coming...from far away."

"Not coming, Bruce," replies Wonder Woman/Diana Prince (Gal Gadot).  "It's already here."

We then see Dr. Silas Stone (Joe Morton), Cyborg's father, at home as a strange container hidden beind Silas' son's sports trophies behind to glow and shake with building energy.  A Parademon suddenly looms behind Silas as he watches the container.

Diana asks Bruce, "The others...Where are they?"

As the thumping sound of the White Stripes' "The Hardest Button to Button" begins to play, we see Aquaman/Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) carrying a rescued guy into a bar full of fishermen and dropping him onto a table.  Grabbing a bottle of whiskey, Aquaman quips "It's on him" and turns to leave.

Next, we see Cyborg/Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) in action as Diana remarks in a voiceover "Organic and biomechatronic body parts.  He's a cyborg."  Cyborg rescues a cop from a tank on fire tumbling over and over, remarking, "You should probably move."

Then, we see The Flash/Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) finding Bruce Wayne waiting for him in his secret superhero lair filled with dozens of monitors and books.  "Whoever you're looking for," Barry tells him, "it's not me."  Bruce throws a small Batarang past Barry, who plucks it from mid-air.  "You're the Batman?" asks Barry.

A cover of the Beatles' classic "Come Together" starts playing as we hear Diana say, "They said the Age of Heroes would never come again."  "It has to," replies Bruce.

We see some quick images of the League members in action, including Aquaman fighting some Parademons, before cutting to a scene of Barry sitting in a car with Bruce.  "What are your superpowers again?" he asks.

"I'm rich," Bruce responds in his best Tony Stark impression.

We then see some fleeting glimpses of various supporting characters Lois Lane (Amy Adams), Mera (Amber Heard), Barry's father, Henry Allen (Billy Crudup), and the Amazons, who are shown in a major battle with Steppenwolf's troops.

Next, we see Commissioner Gordon (J.K. Simmons) meeting with Batman and telling him "It's good to see you playing well with others again" as Aquaman emerges from the water.  

"Just like a bat," quips Aquaman as he sees Bruce in costume.  "I dig it."

"May be temporary," Batman tells Gordon.

Lastly, we see Aquaman riding the roof of the Batmobile as he and Batman charge into battle.  Aquaman shouts "Yeah!" in glee just before leaping high into the air after a pair of flying Parademons.

If you'd like to check out the new trailer, you can view it below thanks to the official Warner Bros. account on YouTube...

Justice League
is currently scheduled to arrive in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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