Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Marvel's RUNAWAYS Gets TV Pilot Order from Hulu

Looks like Netflix has some competition for Marvel TV shows.

Marvel has announced that a television pilot and full-season scripts based on their Runaways comics have been ordered by the streaming service Hulu.  The series will be executive produced by series co-showrunners/writers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (The O.C., Gossip Girl) along with Marvel’s Head of Television, Jeph Loeb (Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Marvel’s Luke Cage) and Jim Chory (Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel’s Jessica Jones). Fake Empire's Lis Rowinski will produce as well. Marvel's Runaways is a co-production with ABC Signature Studios.

The premise for the series provided by Marvel read:  "Every teenager thinks their parents are evil.  What if you found out they actually were?  Marvel's Runaways is the story of six diverse teenagers who can barely stand each other but who must unite against a common foe--their parents."

"We've known the Runaways' story would make great television," said Loeb, "and being lucky enough to have Josh and Stephanie -- who have time and again created shows that speak so genuinely to this exact audience -- write and produce the series is nothing short of remarkable."

"I'm a long-time fan of Runaways and couldn't be more excited to bring Brian and Adrian’s characters to life," said Schwartz.

Added Savage, "Josh and I can't wait to get to work for Marvel and Hulu."

Created in 2003 by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, Runaways is a comic book series about a group of teenagers who discovered that their parents were part of an evil crime organization known as "The Pride".  Originally, the series featured a group of six kids whose parents routinely met every year for a charity event.  One year, the kids spy on their parents and learn they are "the Pride," a criminal group of mob bosses, time-travelers, dark wizards, mad scientists, alien invaders and telepathic mutants.  

The kids stole weapons and resources from their parents, and learned they themselves inherited their parents' powers.  Alex Wilder, a prodigy, led the team while Nico Minoru learned she is a powerful witch, Karolina Dean discovered she is an alien, Gertrude Yorkes learned of her telepathic link to a dinosaur, Chase Stein stole his father's futuristic gloves, while young Molly Hayes learned she is a mutant with incredible strength.  

The kids banded together and defeated their parents, atoning for the sins of their parents by fighting the new threats trying to fill in the Pride's void.  After being betrayed by Alex who was killed by the Gibborim (The Pride's God), they were later joined by cyborg Victor Mancha, shape-shifting Skrull Xavin, and plant-manipulator Klara Prast.

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