Monday, November 30, 2015

Peter Jackson Teases (or Trolls) Directing DOCTOR WHO

Cue all the predictable jokes about breaking this video up into three installments...

Famed New Zealand director Sir Peter Jackson posted a video on his official Facebook page earlier today, claiming he had "an interesting weekend."  The two minute, 45-second video "Home Invasion" shows Jackson at home with his daughter Katie, when he's suddenly interrupted by none other than Peter Capaldi as theTwelfth Doctor from Doctor Who.

Jackson is shown polishing his various Oscars for his beloved Lord of the Rings trilogy, when Katie tells him that Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is trying to email him.

"He's always emailing me," Jackson remarks.  "What's it about?"

"He wants you to direct an episode of Doctor Who, but you're not replying to his emails," Katie replies.

"Well, look...Put it this way, I reply to the ones I can understand.  But some are a bit incoherent.  You know, like his scripts, some of his are great ones and there's ones that are...uh...not great.  You know, can't blame him, he's writing Doctor Who at ten o'clock in the morning, 11 o'clock -- gotta do Sherlock, bangs out an email to Peter Jackson, you know, like between -- I can't even read them half the time."

"Well, I mean, he says he thinks that your plan is that they'll all come here to New Zealand and you'll spend six months making an episode, and then, but he wants you to go to Cardiff and make it twelve days."

"Well, I mean, six months, sure, we can talk about that, I mean, four months, five months, you know, that's just something you talk about, isn't it?  But the whole idea of coming to New Zealand...Have you seen Steven Moffat recently?  I mean, the last time we saw him, he was pale, he was stressed, I mean, he couldn't remember the name of his wife or kids..."

At that moment, the Twelfth Doctor enters the Jackson home, saying he's looking for a director, specifically Peter Jackson as he pulls out a sealed envelope.  Jackson asks who's it from, and the Doctor replies "It's from a...Steven Moffat" as he begins looking around the room nervously.

"And who are you exactly?  Are you...Is this FedEx or UPS?"

"I'm the Doctor."


"Uh...Correct.  He said you have to sign that right away and I have to take it back."

As the familiar hum of the TARDIS interior continues in the background, the Doctor keeps frantically looking around, examining the area with his Sonic Screwdriver.  

"Listen, Katie," Jackson whispers to his daughter, "if he gets dangerous, I don't know who he is, Doctor Who fans are a little more intense than Tolkien fans.  If he gets violent, you just race next door and call the cops, okay?"

"Well, what about you?" asks Katie.

"I can clock him with one of these," Jackson replies, holding up an Oscar.

The Doctor insists that Jackson sign the document inside once again.  As Jackson fumbles around for his glasses, a Dalek enters the room and begins chasing the Doctor, announcing with Nicholas Briggs' voice, "You are an enemy of the Daleks!  You will be exterminated!"

The Doctor and the Dalek head out the front door.  "Did we leave the TV on?" Jackson asks Katie as we hear the sound of the TARDIS dematerializing.  "Is it Doctor Who night tonight? Fantastic, that means on the other channel there's..."

"The Walking Dead!" Jackson and his daughter both shout in unison, leaving the room with the unsigned document still on the table.  

So the big question, of course, is Jackson actually directing an upcoming episode of Doctor Who?  (He previously said he'd direct an episode as long as he got a Dalek, after all.)  Or is he just having fun with all the internet speculation and trolling all the Doctor Who fans that would love to see this happen?

Time will tell...It always does.

You can check out the video below, thanks to Jackson's Facebook page...

Home Invasion
This was an interesting weekend...
Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, November 29, 2015

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