Friday, September 26, 2014

HANNIBAL's Bryan Fuller Wants David Tennant to Guest Star

The Doctor meeting Dr. Lecter...How charming.

The Metro has revealed that Bryan Fuller, the creator and showrunner of the NBC series Hannibal, wants former Doctor Who star David Tennant to appear on the series and has been trying to get him for a while now.

"I’m a huge fan of David Tennant, and we’ve been trying to get him on the show for quite some time," said Fuller.  "He’s such a spectacular actor.  He brings such an effervescence to every performance.  I would love to have David on the show.  Or just write for David!  I would kill and eat somebody to work with David!  He’s my favorite Doctor."

The Scottish actor and former Tenth Doctor auditioned for the lead role of Dr. Hannibal Lecter on the drama series, although the role eventually went to Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen.  Tennant is currently starring on the Fox series Gracepoint, an American remake of his UK drama series Broadchurch, with the role of Detective Emmett Carver instead of Detective Inspector Alec Hardy.

In addition, Fuller gave Fannibals some more details about what they can expect in Season 3.  "The interesting thing about Season 3 is that we are heading away from the crime procedural aspect of the story-telling," he said, "and it is very much a soap opera for the first half."

"There are some creative deaths," he continued, "but it’s much more about our regular characters as opposed to a killer of the week coming in and creating these fantastic death tableau.  We’re really focusing on the relationships between these characters and the fallout from Season 2 for the survivors who made it through the 'Red Dinner.'"

"There’s a slight evolution of the series in that way," added Fuller.  "The first half of the season I’m really excited about because it’s more like an intense psychological thriller.  I’m excited about the rematch between Hannibal and Jack Crawford."

We'll also get a look at Hannibal's past, giving us a better idea of what motivates the character.  "We are absolutely delving into his history," said Fuller.  "Not as many flashbacks as much as it is finding present day survivors from that era of his life and understanding, with greater detail, about Hannibal and his modes of human interaction."

"I would be very nervous about casting child actors to portray such iconic characters because it’s always a gamble," he added.  "For me, I kind of don’t want to imagine anybody else in this incarnation than Mads Mikkelsen."

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