Friday, December 20, 2013

Iron Man Villain Blizzard Coming to AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.

Let's just hope there aren't any "snow" and "ice" puns like Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin.

One of the biggest criticisms of the ABC series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the show's reluctance to embrace Marvel Universe characters the way the CW's Arrow does for DC Comics characters.  When Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel's television division was asked about this by The Huffington Post, Loeb simply responded "Stay tuned, there's a plan."

Well, part of that "plan" is introducing Donnie Gill, better known as the Iron Man villain Blizzard in the January 14th episode "Seeds."  According to an announcement from Marvel, actor Dylan Minnette will be playing Donnie Gill in the episode, written by Monica Owusu-Breen and Jed Whedon.  The brief synopsis for "Seeds" -- "Coulson and May uncover startling information about Skye’s past, while the team is swept into a storm at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy."

Also, David Conrad returns as Ian Quinn, the scientist and industrialist introduced in the episode "The Asset" that introduced Dr. Franklin Hall, who becomes the Avengers villain Graviton.  When last we saw Quinn, he was escaping from his compound by helicopter when Hall's gravitation generator began to overload, presumably giving Hall his superpowers of gravity control.

So it seems there may be a connection between Graviton and Blizzard, at least through Ian Quinn.  Is the aforementioned "plan" to slowly develop the group of supervillains known in Avengers comics as The Masters of Evil?  Hopefully something along those lines, because the midseason finale reached a season low of 2.1 in the 18-49 ratings with 6.11 million viewers, according to TV by the NumbersSomething needs to change, apparently.

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